Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on the internet to both run their operations as well as to do business with their customers. Without a solid internet connection, you could be putting your business behind your competitors, or it may stop you from doing business altogether!

Citcom offers a full range of internet access services, that are specifically suited for businesses.

Depending on your requirements and what best suits your business, including;

  • Your business’ location,
  • Expected users that will require internet access,
  • Expected usage (both downloads and uploads) and
  • Your business’ operating model,

We can find the right internet service provider (ISP) and the right internet package that will deliver your business the best internet connection and will ensure your business is running at its optimum best, both now and into the future.

Contact us on 1800 248 266 to discuss your business needs and we can find the best internet package option for your business.

Does your business run from multiple locations?

Citcom can work with your business to set up and configure your business data network with additional, dedicated data connections between your different office locations that are secure, private and totally yours!

Citcom’s Related Services

Once you have established a solid internet connection, why not take advantage of some Citcom’s other services including Business Phones eg: installing a VoIP system or Hosted Services.