Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Owners:

  1. Do you back up all of your business-critical data?
  2. Do you know that you actually have a backup of your data?
  3. Do you know if you can restore your data backup successfully?
  4. Do you have a risk plan in place to keep your business running if disaster strikes?

If you answered no, or even I don’t know to any of the above questions, you need to call Citcom on 02 8859 8266 to identify the right business continuity solution for your business

All businesses should have a plan in place to keep operating, in the event of catastrophe eg: cyberattack, theft, natural disaster or pandemic.

By not having a plan in place that is well planned, monitored, reviewed and tested at least on an annual basis, you risk being able to get your business back up and running again  – think of this as an additional insurance policy for your business.

Data Backup

One part of a business continuity plan (BCP) is having a data back up solution in place.

Key things are to ensure your back up is;

  • Automated,
  • Monitored,
  • Covers all business-critical data including cloud data such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace emails and files,
  • Multiple copies are available and at least one copy is stored offsite.

Business Continuity Planning

Other factors to consider in your risk planning is;

  • What threats could impact your business?
  • Who is going to responsible to manage and communicate your BCP?
  • How and where your staff will be working?
  • How to access your business systems, data and critical equipment?

The cost of not having a recovery plan in place will be:

  • Staff costs – both of down time and manual recovery of lost data
  • Operational costs – lost sales while you business is shut down
  • Reputational cost – will you lose customers and suppliers because of lengthy shutdown?

If your current I.T. strategy does not have a solid I.T. recovery plan and broader business strategy in place to keep your business up and running, contact Citcom on 02 8859 8266.

You have invested a lot of time, effort and money into setting up your business and your business technology – KEEP IT RUNNING!