<H1>Starting up your small business?<H1/>

Starting up your small business?

While you are busy planning and setting your strategy, identifying your product offering and target markets, you also need to build trusted partnerships that will support and help you build your business over it’s lifetime.   You might be setting up your new office and need; Communications – phones or … Continue reading

<H1> Cyber-attack of the Month – Petya <H1/>

Cyber-attack of the Month – Petya

Barely a month has gone by since the ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attack took place. Thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe were affected with reports of over 200,000 computers affected. Some businesses or individuals paid the US$300 Bitcoin ransom demand to get back data that was encrypted and they … Continue reading

<H1>Is that a new website?<H1/>

Is that a new website?

Why yes it is! Hi there and welcome to the new Citcom Professionals Australia website! A place where you as a business owner or manager of an IT or operations function can discover and learn about our service offerings and then with us, adopt the right IT and business solutions … Continue reading

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