Anti Virus and Data Security

Are your business’ IT systems and data adequately protected?

You have invested time and money in setting up your business, but you are also responsible to protect;

  • Your business data – if you lose access to your data, will you still have a business?
  • Other’s people’s data – what will be the reputation or financial fall out from a data breach of your network?

With IT threats becoming more frequent and more sophisticated both globally and within Australia – DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Citcom can work with you to provide an IT security solution that suits your business.

At a minimum, to reduce the risk of external threats you should be;

  • Limiting user access to your network, only to those who need it AND via secure channels eg: VPN,
  • Strong password management and multi factor authentication,
  • Business Grade Anti Virus and firewall;
    • Citcom partners with ESET to provide security solutions for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android). Mobile device management is also available for iOS and Android.
    • ESET provides protection against ransomware, targeted attack, data breach and fileless attacks
  • Spam filtering of inbound emails.

Internally you should be looking at;

  • Restrictions on what data and devices employees can access, change or delete,
  • Ensure software applications are in vendor support and are regularly updated
  • Educating staff regularly on how to identify attempted attacks eg: phishing, fake invoice payment or malware emails.

By implementing an adequate security solution, this can reduce the risk of disruption to your business by threats such as ransomware and data breach.

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