Whatever your hardware needs, Citcom can help you make the right choices on what your business needs to run efficiently, both now and into the future. We partner with HP but can also provide many other brands Whether you are looking for;

PC’s and Laptops

Either desktops for your office or where you have a more mobile workforce, we can also offer a range of alternatives that will help keep your staff productive when out of the office. From laptops, notebooks, tablets and 2-in-1’s, we’ve got all your personal computing needs covered.

Peripherals & Accessories

Peripheral devices such as monitors, printers, routers, switches. All these and much, much more can be provided to keep your staff and your business IT running at their best.


New or replacement servers can be configured by our team of expert engineers to meet your business needs or specifications, then be installed on-site. Some of the reasons that you may consider purchasing a server include:

  • Warranty on your current server has expired or is due to expire – you could be running unsupported software or operating systems or have limited availability or replacement parts in the event of failure. All of this increases the risk of business downtime while a replacement server is configured and installed.
  • Your business may have expanded – with more staff, you may need to consider setting up a server network (instead of running individual PC’s or workstations), to ensure you can leverage the best reliability, security and user access / file sharing.

We also recommend that with any server purchase, you consider one of our IT Support options. That way you can rest assured that your business IT investment is being looked after and allows you to instead, run your business.


Extra storage for your network can be provided ‘on-premise’, either on your server or through external hard drives or NAS drives. Alternatively, our Hosted Services could be a better option for your business and will allow you to take advantage of the additional benefits associated with our hosted services.

Citcom can help you make the right hardware decisions based on your whole of business needs. Contact us on 1800 248 266.