Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

If you have invested a lot of time, effort and money into setting up your business and your business technology, what will you do if something goes wrong with your data, your infrastructure or your business premises?

Do you have a solid I.T. and broader business strategy in place to keep your business up and running?

Whatever your needs are to mitigate risk of data loss or business down time, Citcom can offer a range of solutions from:

Data Backup

Today, businesses have more options than ever to store their critical business data. While this may add an extra layer of complexity for business owners and I.T. Managers to understand the different data backup methods available, the ever-increasing types of threats to businesses that are being identified mean that businesses need to carefully consider the most appropriate data backup solution that meets both current and future business needs – This is where Citcom can help!

Some things that you need to consider when implementing a robust data backup solution include:

  • What type of data do you need to backup?
  • How much data do you need to backup?
  • Where will you backup your data?
  • How often do you need to backup your data?
  • How long can your business afford to be offline while data restores are taking place?

Citcom can work with your business to identify the right data backup solution for your business. Contact us on 1800 248 266.

Disaster Recovery Site

Depending on your business industry and the regulatory and compliance obligations you need to adhere to, you may require an external Disaster Recovery site (DR site) to be established, so that in the event of major catastrophe at your business location, you can seamlessly move your critical business operations staff, get back up and running and minimise downtime for your business.

Through our business continuity partners, Citcom can provide your business with seats in a DR site, that is strategically located 25 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. The purpose-built DR site provides the latest technology in relation to security and redundancy processes, to ensure that no matter how long your business location is down, your business will still be up and running.

Your business has the choice of procuring two different DR site options:

  • Dedicated seats – guaranteed seats so that no matter how many businesses were affected by a potential disaster, you will have access to all the seats that you have purchased.
  • Shared Seats – a lower cost option that allows you to reserve DR site seats, however in the event of disaster, your final seat allocation will be dependent on how many other businesses have also been affected in your location.

Both our dedicated seat and shared seat options come fully equipped with desktop P.C.’s and phones as well as access to printers, fax machines, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities.

Citcom can work with your business to identify the right DR site solution for your business. Contact us on 1800 248 266.